Our services

OVERLAND Transport

Competitive and competitive costs, a capillary and tested network of correspondents, the management of the warehouse, guarantee to our customers seriousness and a great and exclusive experience and experience, for all the shipments for EEC and extra EEC countries with weekly departures for any destination and with primary truck carriers.

Air transport

A peculiar experience in the management of air transport in import and export, both in terms of commercial relations and operational methods, maturing professionalism, ability and competence and working directly with all airlines. We are also specialized in shipments of corpses.

Transport by sea

50 years of experience in both groupage and full container shipping with all the leading shipping companies and with numerous correspondents in the main world ports.
Shipments with containers for non-refrigerated foodstuffs.


Integral part of global networks to expedite critical shipments (e.g. assembly or production line components, delivery of industrial prototypes).



Inside our warehouse, modern means of storage and warehousing of any kind of goods. Qualified and specialized personnel for any kind of problem concerning the loading and unloading of goods.


  • Customs services: wide assistance for ordinary and extraordinary customs procedures; smooth and efficient customs clearance processes to guarantee maximum speed of delivery, leaving customers free to concentrate on their business.
  • All-risk cargo insurance
  • Highly qualified and constantly trained staff
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